April Fool Pranks, Jokes and Quotes for Facebook

April Fools day is nearing and just make sure to give some fun surprises to your friends. this article gives you some best April fool 2018 jokes, pranks and quotes which will suits you Facebook friends.

Facebook is one of the best media to celebrate events like April fool and you can get all your friends in one place. Let's check out more on April fool pranks, jokes and quotes for Facebook below.

April Fool 2017 jokes for FB

April Fools Day 2018 Pranks on FB

Get an awesome collection of Fools Day Pranks on Facebook below.

Trick to play with a room mate

This trick needs good timing. Wake up before your roommate wakes. Fill theirs with whipped cream. Now trickle their nose. Wish 'Fools day', to his creamy face. Make a printed word saying "PUSH" and stick it to a door that requires being pulled. See the people struggling to push the door that is to be pulled.  We also can see embarrassing expressions on the person's face while trying to open the door.

Mouse trick

Stick a piece of transparent tape, over the light sensor of your friend’s optical mouse.

Knife Trick

Take the knife from the kitchen, pour some ketchup on the knife, pour it into your palms and scream and run into space with a lot of people. See the people running in different directions and trying to call 911.

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Virus infected computer prank

This can be tried with someone in your workplace. When they are not at their cabin for a coffee break or something. Sneak in. Press Control key and Print key simultaneously from his/her keyboard. Open paint and press paste. Save it as an image. Now set this image as wallpaper and delete all the icons on the desktop. See what happens when returns after his break and click on the icon on the desktop.

April Fool Jokes for Facebook

We have collected some rare FB April Fools jokes for you. check out below.

* Put a "For sale" board in your backyard.

* Cover the remote sensor with a small piece of tape.

* Paint the soap with nail polish, and leave it in the shower room.

* Stuff some toilet paper into toe part of someone else's shoes.

April Fool Jokes

April Fools Day quotes for Facebook

Check out famous and funny Facebook Fools day quotes below.

Let us be thankful for the fools.  But for them, the rest of us could not succeed: Mark Twain

If every fool wore a crown, we should all be kings: Welsh Proverb

I hope life isn't a big joke because I don't get it: Jack Handey

We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance: Japanese Proverb

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