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April Fools Day 2017: 1st April 2017 is always a special day to celebrate. Every year lot of people gets fooled or pranked on this funny occasion. Get ready to share and spread Practical Jokes and Hoaxes on April Fool 2017.

This article gives you rare collection of Fools Day Jokes, Messages, Wallpapers, Quotes, and Ideas. April Fool Day is celebrated worldwide in different styles and culture. Let's talk more on April 1st specialties below.

1st April Fool 2017

1st April Jokes

We have new and trending 1st April Fool 2017 jokes for you. Make sure you save all our Jokes.

April Fools day is a great day to let your crush know how you feel about them cause if they don’t feel the same way you can just say April Fools.

Hey U Know Which is the best day to propose a girl...
April 1 U Know Why??
If she accepts its your luck otherwise just tell April Fools.

1st April 2017 Jokes

A short collection of rare 1st April Fools Day Jokes 2017 quoted below.

Oh, April Fool’s day,
where everyone teeter-totters between brilliance and insanity. Welcome to my World!

When many peoples are lying and making April Fool, I haven't lied.
When many people are cheating, I haven't cheated anyone.
When almost everyone is hurting by false stuff, I haven't hurt anyone.
I wish you to be Happy like me on This April Fools Day.

April 1st Jokes for Kids

If today any 1 talks & praises u 4 your
1) good looks
2 ) nature
3 ) style
4 ) attitude,
kick them off.
How dare they fool you before April 1st.

1st April Fools Day 2017 Jokes

  • Never risk your heart to a fool, for if you do, you will inevitably become one
  • Wants to remind you that everything is funny as long as it’s Not Happening To You. Please Don’t Make others FOOL ON April Fool Day.
  • Its March Or 1st April. The fool is Fool doesn't matter.Wishing very happy, prosperous and joyfulFool Day to the King of Fools..:-/
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Messages, Texts, and SMS

Here are some funny collection of best and top rated April Fool 2017 Messages, SMS, and texts

A long time ago,, only fools used to read my SMS, and today …..the history continues… Happy All Fools Day

31st March Or 1st April Fool is Fool doesn't matter. Wishing very happy, prosperous and joyful Fool Day to the King of Fools

1st April Fools Day Wallpapers, Images, and Photos

So, are you searching for HD wallpapers and Images for 1st April 2017? Just right click all images below. All are in the best resolution which is free to use. Happy April Fools Day wishes to all.

April fool 2017 pics

April fool 2017 wishes

April Fool Gifs 2017

So Gifs are best to post on your FB timeline, and It's April fool time and makes sure, you pranked and tricked your friends on 1st April 2017. Get best April fool Gifs below.

April Fool Funny Gifs

Fake Phone calls pranks

April fools 2017 gifs

Change the Keyboard’s Key

April 1st 2017 Gifs

The non-functioning mouse

April fools day gifs

The fake Poop Prank

April fool 2017 gifs

April Fools Day 2017 Parade details

April Fools day parade is a major celebration held in New York City as a part of International Fools day. First April parade took place in the year 1986. The parade marches from 59th Street to Washington Square Park in the New York City. The parade usually starts at noon.

There will be floats, portraying extreme events of the year. People can join the parade wearing their favorite fools costumes. People may also adhere to the show without costumes. At the end of the parade, every year's King or Queen of Fools are selected from a list nominees and are crowned. Apart from floats, there will be customized bicycles, tricycles, baby carriages for the possession.

April Fool 2017 Parade

The parade is organized by Joey Skaggs, who is a legendary prankster. It is the 32nd April fools day parade that is going be held this year (2017). The parade theme of this year is "Make Russia Great Again." The organizing committee has also placed a downloadable Trump mask on their official website this year.

Parade Time: 12 Noon

Date: 1st April 2017

April Fool Facts

No sure answer is there about when and how April Fools day originated. One theory about its origin says that it started in France in the 16th century. People followed Julian calendar before the 16th century. According to the Julian calendar, the new year day fell on March 25. The new year day was celebrated on the offset of the spring season. It was in the year 1582; Gregorian calendar was adopted in France. After 1582, January 1 became the new 'new year day.' Some people chose not to accept Gregorian calendar and continue to follow the Julian calendar. They celebrated the new year on the onset of the spring season as like nothing changed. This made other people call them fools and their New year day as "Fools day'.

Some others think that April Fools day is celebrated as a part of changing the season.
It is during this time of the year spring season arrives. So a day was made as a part of the celebration to play light-hearted jokes on friends and family members.

Although it was a part of Western culture, April Fools day is celebrated worldwide
today. Let's have some famous facts about April Fool 2017 below.

* In Scotland, April Fools day was called as 'Huntigowk day.' The word "gowk" means cuckoo and cuckoo is considered as a symbol of foolishness.

* In Brazil, April Fools day is called "Dia da mentira" and means 'day of the lie'.

* In Belgium, fools day is known by the name "Day of the stupid children" and on this day parents and teachers would fool children by playing some jokes or pranks on them.

April Fools day Quotes

Here are some funny and entertaining quotes to read and share on April Fools day.

This is the day upon which we are reminded of what we are on the other three-hundred and sixty-four. ~Mark Twain

Here cometh April again, and as far as I can see the world hath more fools in it than ever. ~Charles Lamb

It is the ability to take a joke, not make one, that proves you have a sense of humor.  ~Max Eastman

"Take all the fools out of this world, and there wouldn't be any fun living in it, or profit." – Josh Billings

"Controversy equalizes fools and wise men...and the fools know it." – Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr


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